The P.R

Over the last few days I was reminded of a quote that I heard somewhere “Charisma and charm will get you places.” (Or something to that effect.) I cannot emphasize that enough.  While on the phone interviewing for a job, the woman was impressed with my enthusiasm for the potential job. “I love your attitude and I think you’d be a great fit with us.” One of the many things that you have to be as a Professional Photographer is your own P.R Person or else you are going to fail.


Why you need to that enthusiastic is simple, no one and I mean NO ONE wants to work with someone that is no fun or difficult to be around let alone work with. I’ve seen this quite a few times.


Case one, I was assisting with a guy who was a very good photographer, but he kept butting heads with the clients and Creative director of the shoot.  The photos looked great, but you’d never know the tension that was on set. Latter in life I ran into that Creative director who said, “Don’t ever be like him. We haven’t hired him since.”


Case two is from my good friends who were working a small budget film that no one was happy to be on, but they we’re the only ones on set that day with a positive attitude. The job went nowhere. Latter that year the creative team remembered them as the only ones that were fun, positive, and easy to work with so they got a called asking them to help a shoot an intro for a pilot for a new show. As always they were a dream to work with and every one enjoyed them. Since then that same team keeps hiring them back. That first show was True Blood. Now they work on many of the shows you watch.


Over all just remember that no matter how bad the job seems or is, always stay positive. It’s much easier to accomplish any task in photography, business, or life if you have a positive attitude. And most of all have fun with your jobs.