The Payoff

The Payoff


I’ve talked about the need to study everything because you’re a businesswoman or man rather than a photographer, and that paid off for me the other night.

While waiting for my time to pitch my “Why you should hire me” spiel I was listening to the other photographers talking with each other trying to get that valuable piece of info to help them get the edge. What I noticed was no one was focusing on the client’s budget from their perspective.


The meeting went, as you would expect, not good but no means bad. Indifferent. It wasn’t until I brought up budget that things changed. It’s always a good thing to ask about budget, but it has to be done in a light way. Their main concern was delivering high quality images with trying to save some for the next job. It turned out that they had all these ideas that most or all photographers would jump to use, but I saw that as an opportunity to cut cost while still maintaining my previously quoted price. Expensive studio? Don’t need that. Tons of lights? Don’t need that. A Re-toucher? Don’t need that. The list could go on. In the end I got the job because of knowing What was overkill to make great photos.


My point is simply to study everything because one day you’ll need it like I did. I know enough about the photographic process that I could see my client was over doing it by renting too much equipment. It would’ve cool to play with multiple 2K lights, a massive studio where one shoots cars, have a re-toucher on site, a Digital Tech, and a whole creative team but we’ll get into that at a later point.