The Training Never Stops

No truer words have been spoken. Today's training thus far Gym, meeting, blog, research, and studying. This is my day and almost everyday except shoot days. Part of being a professional photographer is continuously educating your-self on the matters at hand that relate to your field. I feel that the moment you stop learning is the day you make a massive error that you won’t be able to recover from.


With the advent of the Internet you have access to a wealth of Photographic information.  One of my go to resources is Aaron Nace is the host of web tutorials relating to Photoshop. He covers everything from basics such as the Raw Converter to more advanced topics such as spilt toning.  A thing to keep in mind is that is always good to revisit your basics because like anything in life there are some blank spots in your cumulative knowledge. I’m no exception, hence why I study.


As always take what I say with a grain of salt. This is how function and works for me and I would suspect that you have your ways of doing what helps you complete your tasks effectively.