A Brief actuality of Photography

When people asked, “what do you do for a living?”  Their immediate response“That’s such a cool job! You’re your own boss, you travel to take pictures.” etc.  This is a common misconception that bothers me.  There is so much more to being a professional photographer than taking pictures.


            What does a photographer really do than? A LOT of non-photography related things.  If you’re considering going professional, ask yourself this “I’m I ready?” This was the question proposed to me when it was my time to move on from Photo-assisting.  Before that a great professor

 “Josh, There are easier ways to make money.  Are you ready for this?”

Being young and extremely naïve “Hell Yeah.” I couldn’t have been more wrong.  11 years latter I’m still figuring out this mysterious business.


            What I’ve learned so is that you’re not a just a photographer, you’re a businesswoman or businessman! As you progress and try to turn you photography into money making entity you’ll find you have to be EVERYTHING!

What does this mean? I think that it’s different for everyone. Generally speaking you are now your own P.R, Accountant, Tax Pro, marketing team, forever student, and much more.

            For me one of the hardest parts is staying self-motivated! Weather it’s learning about writing, marketing, photography, video production, laws, copyright or what have you.


Are you ready?