The Tangle

Sorry for the delay in blog updates. Been busy working away on something new.

What does Success look like and how do you get there?  This question has been bugging me for many years. One of my favorite photographers that I learned a lot from was a man by the name of Tyler Gourley. He is arguably the most successful commercial photographer in the world. His work includes Subaru, General Motors, Chrysler, and many other brands that you know.

But how did he do it? That is the real question that I get a lot. “How?”


Let’s first figure out what is success. To many it’s an end point, but I feel that isn’t the correct way to think about it. Success as defined by me would be like a bowl of spaghetti it’s jumbled mess but you can get thought it, and that is success. Photography and the creative industry as well is like this, it’s the process of doing it that is the success. Don’t’ get me wrong there are many times that you’re out of spaghetti and looking for more. That’s normal, but still an overall part of the bigger picture that you have to get though.


It was once said “if you fallow your passion in time the money and gratification will fallow.” I would tend to agree with this to an extent. I always wonder what they mean by “in time.” Most artists aren’t appreciated until they’re dead. Just saying.