Over the Edge

While talking with a friend about an up and coming shoot a very trendy person with a Leica M3 wrapped around them joined us. I was confused why this person thought it was okay to interrupt our convocation granted it was about photography and they did have a camera. After a few minutes my eye rolls were uncontrollable, but they bought up a point that I hadn’t thought about in while. At what point are you a sell out?


My thinking say two things: you have to do what your hired for to make money (which could be a sellout) and shooting the typical things such as flowers, kids, portraits against a brick or graffiti wall, etc. (which could be a sellout.) The next step is to define what success is to you and what is acceptable to do for money. 

As one of my professors would say “That’s subjective.”


It was at this point the eye rolling was happened that this person called me a sellout for shooting commercial or they put it “selling out to the corporate man and damaging the photographic art community.” That ‘s fine by me because I’m happy with what I do and it’s fun. Don’t think I could ask for more.


Is selling out a bad thing? I think not. There are too many people that focus on the wrong things in photography or art that they’re missing the meaning of it. Do what makes you happy. The Art industry is a rough place, but if you can find a way to make it in the way you’d like you’ve done it.