The Slow Lane

Yesterday I was doing some event coverage when I realized that I was shooting for a paycheck rather than shooting because it’s my passion that happens to pay the bills.

What had become of me?

            The simple answer: I’m too focused on business rather than the quality of my product. (I think’) I find that when times like this arise you need to take a step back and slow down!


After a few minutes of rethinking the job I had a new plan. There were tons of other photographers doing their thing, so I decided to shoot the people who were at the event since there was only so many things that I could shoot before my photos got repetitive.  With that new goal in mind I set off shooting, taking it slow, and looking for the perfect composition.


As for the end result, we’ll see what happens. I thing they’ll be over all happy because it’s different that what the others were shooting. Do keep in mind that with big risk comes big failure or success.

            Over all the point of this ramble is to take it slow. Everyone gets in a rush, but it’s better to slow down and see what you can see.