The Creative Gym

Every morning I wake up early to hit the gym with certain goals.  Today Rack-pulls at 425lbs, Windmills at 75lbs, Toe-to-bars, and handstands. I do this to keep the body strong, sharp, healthy, and ready for whatever a job might require.

“But, what does this have to do with photography?” you might ask.

            Simple really.  If you want to be fit, you need to work out a lot hence why it’s called training.  Creativity is the same way. You need to be train/work it out a lot or it’ll enter a state of atrophy and that leads to a photographic burnout. I’ve been to that place while shooting jobs. It will be the hardest place to shoot from especially when you consider that people and your career are depending on you to get that shot.

“How do I work on my creativity?”

            When I was a photo assistant for a great commercial photographer I asked him the same thing.  “You need to shoot everyday, keep shooting everyday, and never stop.”  He would say. He was very right. Sadly it’s easier said then done, but where there is will there is way.

            Here is the Josh Lewis Photography take:

1.     Your smart photo has a camera. Sure it’s no DSLR, but you have it wherever you are, and that’s a start.

2.     They’re millions of photo editing apps out there. Use them!

3.      As long as you’re training/working out the photographic mind that counts.


Is that simple enough? Next time you’re out and about and see something that catches your eye, shoot it! I’ll bet you’ll be amazed at what your getting after some practice.



* note*

Shot with an iPhone 6, FX Plus, Camera Plus, and Mexture