Does Technology Make Photography Better?

Anyone can buy a high end DSLR, but does that make him or her a superior photographer? I would argue not. Creativity is something that cannot be bought. For me (and others) being able to see subtext and little details of our surrounding is something no store sells.


I had great photography Professor who’s Mother would say “Joseph! You’re thinking too much.”  He was always thinking about things on a deeper level that I never appreciate. It was only years after starting Josh Lewis that I truly understood what he was trying to teach us. 


Fast forward; one of my things that I use to help companies with their commercial photography is using their branding colors in settle ways in their shot. The goal is to hold the consumer’s attention just a second longer than a competitor’s ad. Its settle hints like this that engages the consumer for just that much longer.


It’s all in the little details, not in a camera that has 50 megapixels, a high dynamic range, and a price tag to match.